Alesandra Spa Massage List

Here are the massage offerings from Alesandra Spa:

Best Palm Beach Day Spa... for good reason!

We proudly feature all natural Soothing Touch Massage Cream and Oil in our services.

Alesandra Day Spa Boynton Beach offers an array of massage services for relaxation and therapy. Look no further for Boynton Beach massage.


Integrative Massage

A relaxing full body massage combining long flowing strokes that will increase circulation and reduce the effects of stress throughout the body.
 25 min. $55 | 50 min. $85 | 80 min. $125 Alesandra Salon and Spa

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage is designed to target chronically tight, tired and over worked muscles. Resulting in a more flexible and energetic body.
 25 min. $65 | 50 min. $95 | 80 min. $135

Hot Stone Massage

Experience our soothing massage, combined with warm stones and oils that help to melt away muscle tension, and erase stiffness.
 50 min. $119

Maternity Massage

A wonderfully pampering experience tailored for the specific needs of the mom to be. Please consult with your doctor before booking appointment.
 50 min. $85

Body and Sole Connection – Scalp, Hand and Foot Massage

Concentrated massage of the scalp, hands, and feet leaves the parts we use the most renewed and revived. Includes a hydration treatment for the hands and feet. (massage can be done fully clothed if desired)
 50min $85

Soothe Your Sole Calf and Foot Massage

A massage which concentrates on aiding muscle tension, swelling, and tightness of the calves and feet.
 35 min. $65

Body Enrichments

Warm Stone Treatment

Melts away back and shoulder tension.

Cool Muscle Relief

Mentholated treatment that relieves muscle pain and discomfort.

Hydrating Organic Stone Crop

Made from the succulent Stone Crop plant, this moisturizer will leave your skin hydrated and smooth.

Dry Brush Exfoliation

Increase circulation and lymphatic flow as well as gently remove dry dull skin.

Moroccan Scalp Treatment

A luxurious scalp massage that will nourish and hydrate the scalp with vitamin rich Argan Oil

Paraffin Hydration for Hands


Paraffin Hydration for Feet


$ 20

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